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This site grew out of an unrestrained love of food and wine, evidenced as an amateur chef/cook that nearly ended up on Come Dine With Me, a lover of secret supper clubs, a few years living in Spain and travelling the Middle East devouring the flavours and cuisines, self-catering in Barbados and visiting local markets, growing and cooking our own organic vegetables, attending regular wine, whisky and port tastings, and basically, eating out a lot! Our dining out becomes inspiration for home cooking, recipe adapting, creating and having friends round for 6-hour 6-course dinner parties.

My partner in life and business is a fellow foodie, has studied nutrition, and become a discerning oenophile (‘wine lover’).

This is more than a restaurant reviews site, our aim is to whet your appetite for fantastic food and divine drinks, by great writing, honest but not overly critical opinion – we aim to always find something positive, and to couch our criticisms constructively, and by gastronomic knowledge, advice, recipes, histories that tell the story of why we love food so much.

We also want to provide insights on wine choice, tipping, and sourcing good authentic food and wine supplies.

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